In Khakaton Gamenode for 48 hours created a prototype of a decentralized game

At the Hakaton Conference Gamenode, 31 team of the best developers was able to compete for the title of the best. For this, participants were invited to fulfill the extremely difficult task — in just 48 hours to create a decentralized game prototype. Next, the jury appreciated the results. The assessment occurred in several categories.

According to the majority, the results exceeded expectations. For such a short period of time, the team was able to concentrate their knowledge and apply early workers to achieve the goal. Alexander Zelenchikov, co-founder Expload, told about that. What to cope with such a complex task when working in hard restriction mode is not possible. He clarified that for the period of Hakaton, quite rarely commands are able to create truly significant projects. Probably the past

In addition to identifying the strongest developers teams, a conference was also held within the event. High-ranking speakers shared with the audience of the possibilities of using blockchain technology in the game and other sectors, as well as promising paths of industry development. The event was organized by Mail.Ru Games Ventures (MRGV) and the Expload company, which managed to collect more than 500 people under one roof.