In Moscow, they will create a technological superclaster

The administration of Moscow is developing a project of technological superclassker, which focuses on a scientific and industrial potential on a single platform that unites startups, universities and investors. The Innovation Stimulation Plan has already supported the President, as well as the Ministry of Economy and Industry,

Despite the abundance of institutions and technological business, combined into technoparks, complexes, clusters, they usually function explicitly. To enhance communication and improve the efficiency of their work, it is planned to create a single information platform that promotes technological breakthroughs.

The project will be similar to the chinese industrial industrial complex. The cluster operator will be a special fund, which will include the heads of state corporations, RAS, MSU, Skolkovo, Moscow Mayor and presidential assistants.

It is expected that cooperation will help to implement major projects and stimulate import substitution. However, the project does not provide additional benefits and privileges to participants, as they are already more than enough. Instead, attention will be focused on organizational and communication support: assistance in attracting funds, support when working with the authorities. Exporters will be able to rely on compensation for expenses for foreign exhibitions and preferential financing of supplies.

In parallel with the formation of a technological superclassker National platform