In New Zealand fear that genetic manipulations can harm animals and humanity

Scientists from New Zealand are confident that genetic experiments carry a biological threat and needs strict global control.

Now many agriculture destroys pests through the creation of changes at the gene level. In developing methods for rodents, scientists have found the possibility of correction of offspring. Thanks to the technology, the birth rate can be corrected by eliminating the work on the light of female individuals, leaving only males.

Such practice has already been distributed in New Zealand, which previously suffered from the uncontrolled rodent growth. Chairman of the Development Council, Simon Terry, warns that such experiments carry a potential threat. Based on this, they must be discontinued before the adoption of a full-fledged Code of laws and regulation standards in the selected area.

The presented technology of the gene modification was first nominated in 2014. Last year, the former environmental advisor Yan Wright also expressed its assumptions about the potential danger that the experiments of this kind can be carried out. The fact is that the technology can be easily directed to the harm of mankind: the developments are carried out not only in the field of combating rodents through the birth of the birth of both sexes, but also in other destinations. In the future, it can be used to monitor the population of other representatives of the kingdom of animals. In this regard, while the situation was not aggravated and the experiments are in controlled framework, the region of genetic engineering urgently needs appropriate regulation.

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