In the field of mining, the proportion of professionals has increased

According to the study of the shopping center Gorbushkin Dvor, now most of the shopping of mining equipment make professionals and regular customers who use specialized premises for mining.

The analytical center of the company notes that the mining cryptocurrency is no longer an occupation of amateurs enthusiasts and went to the industrial level. The management of the hypermoll states an increase in the number of Russian mining companies and the share of experienced investors who invest large sums and develop long-term strategies. Former lovers, who began to work during last year’s boom, were added to the number of professionals, and now the production capacity is regularly increasing.

The survey showed that the equipment is increasingly installed in residential premises, but in specialized mining hotels. In parallel, the demand was stabilized. After the recession of the row on the ASIC, their cost fell 3-4 times, even taking into account the decline in the cryptocurrency courses provides owners a monthly yield at the level of 10%. A similar situation for the segment of self-made Farms from the GPU during the extraction of ether. Additionally, the largest video card manufacturers have released special models for mining.

Unlike the cryptocurrency production industry, the study of the consulting company Forrester Research showed that