Japanese Nippon Telegraph will store data on the blockchain

The fourth largest telecommunication giant Nippon Telegraph seriously considers the possibility of a full-fledged transition to blockchain. The technology is a key element to solve a number of assigned tasks.

Among them, you can mark the most important: eliminating the risk of data fake, transfer to decentralized storage of information, which will allow to ensure the safety of all data, a significant acceleration of the processing time and issuing information, full systematization of data.

Details and features of the application of the application company pointed out in the application to the bureau for trademarks and US patents.
In the preface to the document it is indicated that the technology will use the blockchain as proof of the contract concluded between several parties. The contract here has the importance of the contract of sale, the act of transfer, application, consent agreements and is a document describing the content of the contract concluded between two or more parties.

It is worth noting that the transfer of all data to the blockchain is quite a long-term process. However, through the activation of work on the new system, representatives of the company plan to significantly reduce the costs through the automation of most processes.

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