John Makafi argued that his Bitfi wallet could not hack.

John Macafa last week challenged the whole cryptosocence, arguing that his recently created Bitkin-Wallet Bitfi could not hack. Security researchers needed less than a week to refute its allegations.

Yesterday, a Dutch expert, known as Oversoft, shared information that had root access to the McAfee wallet. In Twitter, the researcher explained: «A short update without going into the details about Bitfi. We have root access and the ability to confirm that the Bitfi wallet is still connected to the dashboard. There are no tools to prevent it from Bitfi. «

Bitfi did not answer immediately, and on their part there are no direct directions to the fact that the software or other component was violated. On the comments about the observers of the wallet prefer not to respond, which speaks far from their favor.

As the development of further events, the CEO of Bitfi Daniel Hesin said that the team really needed help: «Dear friends, we declare a revelation for the disclosure of errors that could help us withstand the potential security weaknesses of the Bitfi device. We will be very grateful for help from community members. «

Currently, representatives and users of the wallet are in suspended state: on the one hand, OVERSOFT is really ready to provide evidence of obtaining root access, which can allow it to interfere with the work of the wallet’s work on its discretion, on the other hand, John Macafi continues to stand on his, claiming that this is impossible.

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