Johnny Depp can play a cryptomalliardera in movies

The history of the life of one of the most famous crypticities, Matthew Mallon, can be transferred to blue screens. It is known that Johnny Depp is a major candidate for the role of the billionaire.

The Mallon himself wanted to perpetuate his story in the cinema unknown: some people from his environment claim that it was Matthew’s dream, others — that he would not want to share his secrets with the world.

The history of the wealth of Mallone began for him at a fairly young age — during 21 years he officially became the heir of a huge state. In the future, with the advent of the popularity of cryptocurrency, they decided to support the then not very popular Ripple project, and in his choice he was right.

It is known that for many years Matthew suffered from narcotic dependence: he met his first wife, Tamara at one of the meetings of anonymous drug addicts. However, the long attempts of rehabilitation and courses aimed at cure against dependence were unable to save the billionaire — in the spring of 2018, the world cryptocurrency broke out the news about his sustainable death. According to the investigation, the inxication of narcotic substances was the cause of death. In history, cryptocurrency he remembered how

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