JPMorgan Chase canceled cash cards in their ATMs

Recently, the financial holding of JPMorgan Chase announced that almost 16 thousand ATMs clients can receive cash without a bank card.

Blind operations cover most of the network of ATMs, and money can be removed from the Mobile Wallet Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay installed on the smartphone. Clients are enough to open the application, bring the phone to the device and enter the PIN code to enter your account. Such ATMs are marked with a special symbol.

JPMorgan Chase began to introduce contactless contact technology (NFC) back in 2016. Now this feature is also beginning to integrate Bank of America and Wells Fargo. The largest banks of the United States invest millions of dollars in an update to reduce the cost of release of new cards. In addition, the function is very convenient and allows you to completely get rid of cards that are easy to spoil, lose and hack.

Although mobile phones have already begun to replace bank cards, but