Liverpool will become a «green» city of the future

In the race for improving the environmental indicators of the Liverpool authorities, it is planned to create better conditions for leadership — in the city it is planned to be an ubiquitous transition to green energy.

The auxiliary link in the work will be the technology of the blockchain, with which the network will be created, tracking performance indicators and other data. Works aimed for many years ahead. Intermediate results will be determined in 2020 — it is by this moment that the first stage of the transition to a new type of providing residents of the city is expected to be completed. In the future, it is planned to apply innovative solutions in the field of nature protection.

The main emphasis will be placed on the formation of a partnership with companies involved in the development of green energy. Priority is given to the technologies of processing garbage. Due to the burning, heat is produced from which citizens can receive energy.

It is noteworthy that his aspirations to be the leader in the field of environmental protection authorities of Liverpool have been demonstrated for many years. Earlier, in February 2018, it was decided to translate lighting devices to use energy-saving LED lamps. It is known that one of the already signed agreements is a contract with Poseidon Foundation engaged in developments in the field of nature conservation. This became known thanks to the tweet of the consul cities.

However, environmental problems are worried not only by Liverpool residents. Earlier we wrote about