MasterCard teach Russians to pay for purchases with the help of selfie

Biometric data is widely used in the world of high technologies to identify the identity of the user. Specialists from MasterCard decided to apply readable reading in order to simplify the purchase process. Technology received a Selfie Pay name. With its help, the buyer can create confirmation of his desire to acquire a product or service.

Work will be carried out through the reading of the parameters of the person and their identification with the data previously placed in the system. Thus, the purchase will be possible through the fast identification of the mobile phone camera. The advantage of this technology is complete protection against unauthorized spending from the user account.

Such technology is already actively applied worldwide. You can call at least 37 countries for which Selfie Pay is not a novelty, however, for Russia, such experience will become an important step in the application of innovative technologies. In order to popularize and demonstrate opportunities, the MasterCard team held a presentation in the framework of the Innovative Space event in Moscow. It is planned to start the widespread introduction of the presented technology in the country.

In addition to paying for purchases through the reading of biometric data, the specialists also talked about the development in the field of shopping using VR technologies: virtual reality can bring commerce to a new level.

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