Mastery will come to a new level

During the meeting of the Supervisory Board of the FINTEK Association, the participants approved the plan for the development of the platform of the traveler, according to which new consensus algorithms will be added, issues of promotion and implementation of the system of rapid payments (SBP) have been added.

It is planned that in the future, at work with a folder, high-performance POS and POA algorithms can be used. This will allow hybrid projects on the platform. Also, the AFT Council decided to strengthen the work on the promotion of Masterocha and until 2019 will offer a new development strategy. Many market participants (outside the Association) are interested in the platform, therefore, the mechanisms of their connection should be developed.

In addition to the platform itself, the participants reviewed the startup process of the CAP and its tariff model. A free connection is offered, the absence of interbank commissions and a fixed fee for carrying out operations. AFT expects this to help reduce costs for organizations and create more favorable conditions for customers.

SBP will be able to use any banks, and the system itself will provide users to conduct instant payments. In addition, other cases are also being developed on the crash. Decentralized mortgage accounting systems and KYC will speed up the data processing process and increase their storage. The distributed register of bank guarantees and digital letters of credit will allow you to expand the possibilities with the help of smart contracts, automate, reduce costs and bureaucracy.