Media locations can not agree on the prohibition of cryptocurrency

The ban on advertising cryptocurrency and ICO as a method for protecting users — precisely with such statements made large advertising platforms in early 2018. However, subsequently strict regulatory conditions have changed.

One of the first to surrendered Facebook, whose representatives were previously extremely categorical in their decision. According to the new rules, the ban on advertising remains unchanged, but certain relaxation will be made as amendments. The innovation was permission to publish under the condition of full approval from the site. Accurate conformity items are unknown. One of the key conditions was the popularity and sufficient work period of projects.

There is one curious argument that contradicts the previously selected rhetoric, together with popular advertising projects, also awarded the Coinbase platform, which can hardly apply for widespread user confidence. Communication about this event The founder of the platform has hurried to share with its users on Twitter: «Earlier this year, Facebook has banned advertising cryptoprojects. I am glad to announce that from now on we are brought to the white list and we return to invite people to our world of open financial system. «

It is noteworthy that advertising was complemented by the inscription, which stshes that Coinbase was the best place to buy cryptocurrency.

Experts are confident that the cause of convocation is the fact that a huge amount of funds really spinning in cryptoinductrust. Under the conditions of the prohibition, many projects were ready to significantly increase the amount of remuneration for advertising. And the media gigs obviously did not resist.

Given the rapid change of opinions and actions that contradict the desire to protect users from projects that enhanced the loss of funds, it is likely that ICO advertising will return to the industry.

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