MegaFon made a surveillance for his subscribers with Big Data

Mobile operators are literally fighting for their subscribers today. The cost reduction is now no longer possible, since the high level of competition has already led tariffs for minimal indicators. The only way to reduce user outflows, according to the MegaFon team, was the analysis of the existing bases of information, in order to identify the true needs of its customers.

For this, the company was taken by Big Data technology. Using the study of available data arrays, the ability to see ways to deal with each client will be opened. MegaFon plans to draw up personal «awards» in the form of providing discounts and conditions for improving the available networking opportunities.

With the help of Big Data, the mobile operator will be able to surpass competitors who have not yet found a place in their practice to use technology. The innovation can positively affect both sides: users will be able to receive services and services in which they really need, and the company will get the necessary response from its subscribers.

To data that will be submitted to be studied include the following:

In the future, by accessing contact with its subscribers, a megaphone will offer optimization conditions. Improving the conditions for users, according to representatives of the company, will lead to an increase in the number of subscribers.

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