NASA, Boeng and Space X will create joint projects in the field of space tourism

NASA, as well as Boeing and Spacex, the beginning of a new partnership era. The priority of the space agency is the creation of conditions for a safe, reliable and cost-effective trip to the near-earth orbit and back. For flight tests of the crews DEMO-1 from Spacex and orbital flight tests Boeing.

Both companies leveled their technologies and security measures, which made it possible to proceed to practical testing. NASA decided to focus on flight tests. Spacex and Boeing fix all stages of work so that at the moment when the tourist turned out to be 2 thousand km outside the atmosphere of the Earth, it was not waiting for unpleasant surprises. Test flights will provide invaluable data on how rockets work, ground systems, the entire electronics system and the cosmic ships themselves.

The manager of the commercial program of the NASA crew Kennedy Katie Luiders noted that security requirements are above all others. Also in his interview, he shared the following information: «Both partners stated that they really want to have the most productive flight tests to make sure that integrated missiles, space ships and re-entering systems work as needed to ensure the functioning of the system.»

NASA Currently appoints crew members to these test missions. The center will work with both partner companies and other space products. To maintain effective testing work, select the launch dates that do not have docks with other flights. This will make it possible not to interrupt all scientific research and other operations on the ISS.

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