NASA: Cosmos unites USA and Russia

In the conditions of conducting fierce sanctions, Russia and America can enter the line of cooperation, the main role in which space plays. Representatives of NASA believe that it is the work in this industry and helps the parties to establish contact.

James Breydenstin, holding the post of director in NASA, is confident that both parties depend on each other: American astronauts need support for their Russian colleagues and vice versa. With this statement, which turned out to be quite loud, taking into account the tense relations between the countries, he performed at the event dedicated to the 60th anniversary of NASA.

It is noteworthy that it is the American side to a greater extent depends today from colleagues. The fact is that after stopping the launch of the shuttles, which was initiated in 2011, for astronauts, the only way to return to Earth was introduced — they became proven by the time of the «Union» capsules. Despite reflections that, thanks to the creations of Ilona Mask, the domestic cosmic shipbuilding is in decline, Russia continues to enter into international contracts with other participants in space development programs. So, the last of the agreements was the acquisition of seats at the «Unions» in the period from 2017 to 2019. The amount of the contract amounted to about $ 373 million.

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