NASA has posted their drawings in open access.

NASA (JPL) jet engines laboratory (JPL) is working to allow students and stakeholders to build rinsing, which are a reduced version of the six-wheeled American agency machines.

Over the past few months, JPL prepared drawings for transmission to open access to GitHub. The drawings are based on the ROV-E model, which is carried by museums and schools since 2015. On the scale of one to six source code allows you to familiarize yourself with the necessary details. However, according to preliminary estimates, independent assembly will rise to enthusiasts in a round sum — about $ 2.5 thousand. Exposure of some characteristics of the machine: weight — 25 pounds, trail — 24×14 inches, battery capacity — 5200 mAh, battery discharge rate — 8 A, rated current — 1.2 A, work time — 5 hours at constant use, the maximum speed is 6.7 inches per second, the maximum height difference between the parties is 14 inches, the Bluetooth application (Android only) and the Xbox controller.

With the help of ideas and models of enthusiasts, experts plan to see alternative points of view related to the possibility of building mercts. Additionally, the publishing of drawings in general access has become a powerful impetus for the popularization of NASA and attracting attention to the problems of space development issues.

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