Nikolay Evdokimov spoke about the ICO independent analysis methodology

Blockchain Expert and Investor, Minister of Information of the world in the world built on the Blockchain of a decentralized state

The most important issue is the legal component, since the future of startup, tokens and all depositors depends on the regulation and risk distribution. Evdokimov

We are talking about three tests: the «similarity» test, the «Risk Capital» test and the Hawaiian test (Howey Test) conducted by the US regulators. To the tokens manufactured in ICO in other countries, these tests do not apply, but since few markets can be compared in size and liquidity with American, startups planning ICO in other countries, try to adhere to the criteria laid down in these tests.

In particular, the investor should be made that the project does not plan to distribute future income, assets and risks in proportion to tokens. This means that they are not equal to shares and leave on exchanges without direct regulation.

Such intentions on the part of regulators are not rare. For example, literally a few months ago, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) pondered the issue of acting to the class of shares. Investors and companies working with a coin feared a positive decision, as it could lead to colossal changes. In addition, the laws on digital assets have not yet been adopted in Russia, so it is not known how power will relate to the Security tokens.

The expert recommends paying attention to the marketing campaign conducted during ICO. It can be the most striking event for all the existence of a startup. During this period, funds are collected, so the efficiency of promotion has a direct impact on the number of investors, future users and turnover. All this will determine the level of the token economy and the cost of the project. To assess this indicator, it should be analyzed by publishing in leading crypto-media, business publications, the Internet and their content, as well as the correctness of the choice of Central Asia and the ability to bypass prohibitions.

«ICO is such a small prelude, before you conduct a real, long business. That is, this is the first step, and at this step you can determine the competence of the startup team «

One of the bright examples is an ICO EOS. Just think, the startup ran out of funds during the year without the finished product, the values of the real effectiveness of the token, other projects on its basis and the lack of plans for the development of the platform after the end of the fundraising. Instead, every EOS promise wrote media, famous personalities spoke about the project. As a result, more than $ 4 billion was collected for the year, and only a quarter of this amount is intended for the development of the platform.

An equally important safety indicator and future prospects are the technical side. It reflects the level of competence of the team and development prospects. The platform on which ICO is carried out is important. The expert believes that the optimal option is Ethereum, as this will facilitate further placement on exchanges and support by other applications.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the presence of smart contracts and multicurrency collection of funds. Restrictions can negatively affect the inclination of investors and cause negative comments in chats, which will push potential participants. In parallel, you need to pay attention to the edveasers, the composition of the team.

This will help quickly and efficiently assess the potential, risk level and the prospect of any blockchain startup. However, net analysis must be correctly interpreted. Nikolay Evdokimov, Nikolay Evdokimov talks about this and other features of Cryptoeconomics.

The correct assessment of the startups is crucial for the well-being of investors. According to the Cornerstone Research consulting company,