North Korea becomes hospitable.

Traced from the North Korea shift in the national orientation on economic development causes cautious optimism of the whole world.

Reuters transfers that tourist agents in the Chinese city of Dandong say that they recorded a surge of interest from the whole country in recent weeks. Behind the jump activity are plans of the economic reforms of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Yana and the warming of connections between Pyongyan and its main supporters in Beijing.

One of the guides conducting excursions (Some Dan and) noted the following: «People who may have been curious to see North Korea long ago, they can finally afford it, because it is today that this company has become safer than ever.»

Unusually long-term headed by the head of state on the border with China, as well as meetings with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the Minister of Combining South Korea stressed the desire of Kim to mobilize support for economic growth and assure the West in readiness to eliminate the effects of a nuclear threat.

According to the travel agency Dandong, today you can book a tour to North Korea on the Internet for an hour. It is worth noting that four-day tours are particularly popular, which are held in the capital — Pyongyang. Most of the proposals were reserved a month ahead.

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