NVIDIA will prepare artificial intelligence specialists in Russia

As part of the course «Artificial Intelligence and Semantic Machine Training», NVIDIA together with the Novosibirsk State University will prepare specialists for further work.

For the study of the entire amount of the information presented, two years will be discharged in the framework of the requirements for the Master’s degree. The course itself will be divided into four directions: training techniques, machine computing processes, robotics and visual capabilities of computing equipment.

NVIDIA drew attention to the Novosibirsk university due to its effective training base, on the basis of which the proposed program will be built.

The prospects for the relationship between the educational institution with NVIDIA is explained by the opening of extensive opportunities for students’ practice. Thanks to the Commonwealth with the technological giant, each student will be able to hone his skills in various fields: from medicine to passenger traffic.

Graduates of the course will have a sufficient level of knowledge to work with the Internet of things, as well as big data. The last day of filing an application for those who want to learn from a new program — July 26.

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