OECD believes that the business is not digitically digitized

The organization of economic cooperation and development in its report indicates that in recent years there has been a slowdown in productivity growth, and the reason for this is the insufficient use of digital technology companies.


High-speed Internet is available to almost all companies, but the introduction of other advanced applications and tools is significantly lagging behind. For example, Big Data analytics uses 12.2%, and the social network is 48%. The level of integration also depends on the scope of activity and the region, although now the relative costs for implementation have significantly decreased or practically reached zero. Resource management systems use 62% of companies that produce computers and optical devices, and hotels and restaurants have this indicator to 15%.

The main success factors of the OECD considers the formation of infrastructure, improvement of organizational activities and professional development. According to the organization, without this it is impossible to achieve a high level of digitalization. The main incentives of development attributed competition and simplicity of reallocation of resources.

Russia also tries to introduce innovative technologies in all sectors of the economy. One of these projects is