Physicists opened a material that will replace silicon in quantum computers

A group of physicists from UCF has created a material consisting of a microscopically compressed substance that allows you to use and store energy at the subatoman level.

Scientists revealed that a substance that chemically consisting of hafnium, tellurium and phosphorus (HF2TE2P) is the first detected material immediately with several quantum properties. This means that in its structure there may be more than one electronic model, which makes it unique.

Physicists believe that the opening of this material will give a huge impulse in the field of equipment development for computers of the future. They call him silicon a new era. The team is working on further expansion of spectroscopic characteristics of quantum materials. It is expected that such substances are optimally suitable for equipment and even long-term storage devices.

The era of quantum computers has not yet come, engineers gradually reduce bit to microscopic scales.