Regional authorities will oblige to respond to complaints in social networks

By 2019, the Incident Management Incident Monitoring system will begin throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, which will track the reaction of regional authorities on complaints in social networks. About it

The project «MEDIALOGY» was engaged in the development of the project. Incident Management is an autonomous browser system of reaction management to citizens dissatisfaction. Monitoring will be carried out by keywords in five popular social networks: Instagram, FB, VC, OK and Twitter. In ten regions have already begun testing.

All analysis data are sent to the regional administrator, which determines which messages it is necessary to give an answer, distributes them between the structures and groups on topics. Several comments on the same topic become an «incident», and the official answer will be automatically redirected to all thematic posts in each of the social networks.

The system conducts a permanent statistical analysis that allows you to observe the reaction of local authorities to discontent. Data is available to the defendants themselves and the Kremlin.

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