Researchers from Colombian Business School: «The future of Big Data depends on the present»

Marketers have long used the results of the collected information to control clients. According to researchers of Colombian business school, marketers not only have the opportunity to better predict consumer behavior, but also understand.


Today, the specialists of the region focused their attention on previously published work of scientists, since through the introduction of some adjustments and improvements, in their opinion, it can really open the future of large data. According to the theory of researchers from Columbia Business School, large data are the «window» into the psychology of consumers. However, along with accessible advantages, personalized marketing can raise a number of new ethical problems.

With the introduction of even more complex forecasting algorithms that not only analyze individual behavior, but also draw conclusions about intimate terms of consumers, the privacy issue is of paramount importance. For companies such as Facebook, it is important to demonstrate the value of the data collection that they want to get from consumers, taking into account the last scandals associated with selling information about the users of the consulting company.

Thus, in order for the Big Data technology to become truly effective, developers and scientists should already identify the boundaries of her work. Only following an ethically verified trajectory, its use in the future can be safe.

In the meantime, large data from large corporations is supported in Russia. One of the latest news has become its use.