«ROSTEK» will create a nanostructured chamber

Holding «Schwab» began to create two-dimensional nanostructures for a tiny camera, which can work immediately in three spectrum ranges.

Two-dimensional materials such as graphene, phosphenes and others will be used in the device. This will refuse the cooling system and significantly reduce the dimensions of the sensory equipment. «Rosex» says that the device will be able to replace three cameras at once: ordinary, infrared and ultraviolet. The compact size and a wide range of sensitivity makes the project unique, and it has no analogues in the world.

Developers plan to use a nanostructured chamber with huge opportunities for the equipment of the CAP. The ability to fix radiation immediately in three bands will allow to work successfully even during a fire, fog and through vegetation. The device can also be used in the industry to detect insulation and conductivity disorders. Technology will provide a real breakthrough in the field of photosensoric, microelectronics and other directions.