Samsung tested flexible shock-resistant screen

The subsidiary of Samsung Electronics announced the development and successful completion of the test of the shock-resistant flexible screen.

Representatives of Samsung Display say that the new product is protected by plastic, not glass, so more practical and reliable. Despite the change in the basic material, its transparency is practically no different from classic models, so it can be used in smartphones, tablets and automotive consoles. The screen has already received a certificate from the American company Underwriters Laboratories Inc, conducted by testing.

During the test, the new sample successfully stood 26 drops from a height of 1.2 m, after which they continued to function normally without any visible damage. The certificate of an authoritative American organization will help withdraw a flexible screen to the international market.

It is expected that Samsung plans to submit a gadget with a folding screen, since previously representatives of the company talked about its development and overcoming technological obstacles. Perhaps the release of such a device will help level the decline in sales of new Galaxy models.

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi recently introduced another innovative decision