Samsung will spend more than $ 22 billion on the development of AI, 5G and automotive technologies

Samsung Conglomerate said that in three years she intends to invest more than $ 22 billion in the development of artificial intelligence, 5G, elements of automotive technologies, as it seeks new growth directions that are not related to phones and chips.

The main part of the funds will receive the global leader in the production of smartphones Samsung Electronics. The balance of financing will guide the emerging pharmaceutical companies. Conglomerate expects that thanks to the program for the next three years, 40 thousand jobs will be created. Until the end of 2020, Samsung plans to total invest in the development of $ 161 billion.

Samsung also actively works in the field of AI, recently opening research centers in Moscow, Cambridge, Toronto. By 2020, it is planned to increase the staff of engineers and specialists in the field of artificial intelligence up to 1000 people.

Trade wars between the largest consumer country products led to the crisis of the activities of the conglomerate, due to which he experiences difficulties with the search for new markets and strengthens diversification.

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