Scientists amounted to a 3D model of how the planet looked in the era of dinosaurs

Have you ever wondered how the earth looked before people appeared on her? An interactive 3D site called Ancient Earth Globe opened its users the opportunity to look at the world from the space in the dinosaur era to show the changes.

Observation of the Earth at various moments of geological history allows you to return to millions of years ago. The website allows you to see the whole globe: it can be rotated and increased to get more detailed information about land and oceans. There is also the ability to remove the clouds for even better.

Using the created model, users can return 150 million years ago to see how the land looked in the late Jurassic period. At this time, the earliest lizards appeared and primitive mammals began to develop, and the dominant link belonged to dinosaurs.

Unfortunately, an interactive globe does not make it possible to look at the real creatures living at the time on earth and in water. But it offers various tips and curious facts for any period of time that the user chooses. For example, a look at Earth is 50 million years when asteroids fell on the planet and killed dinosaurs. Then the birds, reptiles and early mammals, including whales, survived and ultimately got the opportunity to develop further.

To work, you need to choose the time you want to see. Immediately after that, the Earth is transformed, allowing you to look at how she looked earlier.

While alone scientists explore the past, others look in the future: