Scientists have found a way to treat spinal cord damage

Researchers of the University of California report that they were able to create spinal cord nervous cells from human pluripotent stem cells (HPSCS). With their help, you can treat damage to the spinal cord and various violations of its work.

Biologists have proven that HPSCS is differentiated into a variety of cell population capable of spreading throughout the spinal cord and exist over a long period of time. Opening allows you to implant all types of precursor cells in each department. They contribute to the regeneration after injuries, including corticosphate axons, which are extremely important for human motor function.

So far, the tests were carried out on rats, which had functional recovery after implantation. Researchers say that there were many long axons in the field of administration forming target structures.

Although still needed a lot of work before starting to test HPSCS in humans for 3-5 years. First you need to determine that stem cells are safe in the long run, conduct tests on primates and prove their effectiveness.

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