Scientists said that Mars could not be chicted due to the lack of CO2

Scientists from the University of Colorado and the University of Northern Arizona argue that there are too few carbon dioxide reserves on the surface of Mars to create a favorable atmosphere.

It was previously assumed that with the help of melting ice and the release of gases from solid minerals for several thousand years it will be possible to create an atmosphere close to earthly. Scientists conducted a thorough study of the surface, carbon-containing minerals and frozen water and concluded that all existing reserves are not enough for the terravertation and maintenance of the greenhouse effect.

Once on Mars, there were enough CO2 and there was liquid water on the planet, but for billions of years he flew into space. Scientists were calculated that even if we melt all the ice on the poles, recycle all the soil to a depth of 100 meters, then the release of carbon dioxide will still be insufficient enough to change the climate and increase the temperature.

However, researchers do not argue that this is in principle it is impossible, since they definitely do not know what is under the surface. They also say that CO2 can potentially be replaced by other safe connections, but they have not yet invented them.

While scientists argue about the prospects for creating a favorable atmosphere,