SEC delays Crypto-ETF consideration

The US Financial Regulator explained that he needed more time to make a decision on five applications for the launch of stock exchange index funds based on cryptocurrencies filed by Direxion Investments.

The transfer of the response to September 21 concerns only the proposal of Direxion Investments, and the time consideration of other companies remain unchanged. The most likely is the approval of the BITKOIN-ETF Chicago Exchange Exchange (CBoe), which is expected to the middle of the next month.

An increase in the number of applications for stock index funds and rumors about their upcoming launch while have a positive impact on the market, stimulating growth. As it is expected that the launch of a new tool will allow attracting new traders and significantly increase the course of the base cryptocurrency. However, some experts believe that last year’s launch of Bitcoin futures began the main cause of the market of the market, therefore, they doubt the potential positive effect of ETF.

While the market expects SEC solutions, the first case was recorded when