Seven problems who worry Vitaly Biderina most

During the discussion carried out between the Vitaly Buderina and the Wechat group, seven moments were allocated, which most worried the creator of Ethereum.

Fear before attack 51%

Of all the potential attacks on cryptocurrencies, one of the most terrible attack is 51%. It allows an attacker to fully control the cryptocurrency, thereby causing chaos in the system.
The bright example of the attack was the case with Bitcoin Gold: In May 2018, for four days, malicious miners controlled a huge amount of hash in the network

Waiting for Bitmain Attack on Bitcoin

Budin is confident that the Bitcoin protocol is vulnerable to such a threat from Bitmain and related pools, since they have more than enough hash power to compromise cryptocurrency at any time. The main point is that most bitcoin miners work on the acids produced

Superiority Betterhash.

The reason why Betterhash will solve the problem of mining is the correction of the work process itself. Protocol

ETHEREUM protection

Ethereum turned out to be more resistant to attacks than Bitcoin, but it also suffers from the complexity of the Stratum protocol. Nevertheless

Search for the opportunity to stop attacks

Attack 51% is a real threat. The threats proceed not only from the external forces sponsored by the state, but also from intruders. The developers cryptocurrency continue to consider proposals and initiate many years of development plans, while attackers develop their own. Today there is no single solution.

Аудит Bitmain

According to Buderina, despite Bitmain attempts to conduct an honest policy, at any moment the negative data may be revealed, which will be a blow to the backscill.

Antbleed vulnerability

Bitmain continues to be responsible for the fact that the manufacturer has used an antbleed chip in his work, with which they are able to access their devices (or rather, turn off them).