Singapore airline will hand out bonuses using the blockcha

Singapore Airline Singapore Airlines decided to pay attention to the possibility of transferring a loyalty program to DLT technology. The result of the work was the KRISPAY application, thanks to which users will be able to receive and spend the miles received as a bonus.

The program has been launched on July 24, 2018. The feature of the application will be the possibility of conversion of miles for their use in friendly companies. All accumulated points will be stored in the system for six months. Speaking about the possibilities of their application, it is worth noting that the minimum operating amount starts with 15 krispay, which is equivalent to $ 0.07.

Krispay became the first implemented blockchain application of the loyalty program for air carriers. Using technology, representatives of the company hope to get the following advantages: customer data cannot be faked, a strict accounting system.

The automation of the process will reduce the cost of loyalty program. At the exit

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