Spacex has been restarted with its latest rocket

Colonization of Mars and Lunar Tourism still remain somewhere in the future, and the current business of Ilona Mask today is work on private projects. The launch of August 6, 2018 demonstrates that his team really produced a revolution in this very specific business.

The first stage of the rocket, which was located on the site at Cape Canaveral, Falcon 9, has already launched a satellite for the State Telecommunications Firm Bangladesh in May 2018. As part of the launch, Spacex reused it for the withdrawal of the PT Telkom Indonesia satellite to the near-earth orbit. It is expected that the same rocket carrier will fly at least 10 times. By the way, it was the technology of reusable use of carriers helped Spacex to establish the price-leading price.

The satellite built by the American company SSL was called Merah Putih (the fusion of Indonesian words «Red» and «White» — two colors in the national flag of the country). It will provide mobile broadband services throughout the archipelago. Since the beginning of commercial work in 2013, Spacex launched satellites for companies based in Thailand, Turkey, Bulgaria, Taiwan, Spain, South Korea, Luxembourg, and even China (within the framework of Hong Kong partnership).

The team notes that they do not think about space travel, as about the commercial sector, but on the fact Ilon Mask carries out the launches of billions of dollars around the world.

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