SSD soon will be able to store 1000 times more data

Scientists from the University of Alberta presented a new data storage technology based on hydrogen atoms, which can increase the capacity of solid-state drives 1000 times.

A new method involves rapid manipulating with separate hydrogen atoms on a silicon chip using nanoigli. Technology allows you to create solid-state drives with a capacity of 21.4 terabytes per 1 kV. See this can be compared with writing 350 thousand letters on rice grain. At the moment, the project offers the most compact and affordable way to store information.

The team has long imagined technology for a long time, but only recently was able to achieve effective work in conditions of normal and high temperatures, which makes it possible to apply it for commercial purposes. Scientists have already created an application to archive data, continue to work on an increase in the speed of reading and writing, and also develop more advanced processing models.

French scientists also work in this direction, but they offer