The best projects of the Martian colony are defined

Following the last stage of the contest of projects of buildings for the future Martian colony, NASA has chosen five best options. All of them suggest the construction of residential and working complexes for astronauts using autonomous 3D printing.

Between selected projects distribute $ 100 thousand, depending on the result. Winners plan to create real models next year. Each building should be erected by a fully robotic system, to ensure the colonists to protect against cold, radiation and comfortable conditions for existence.

The first place was given to the Zopheru project, the creation of which the authors inspired insects. It provides for the initial planting of the patch-like module with materials and a 3D printer. Immediately after landing, the system will appreciate the surface and chooses the optimal area for construction. The module has special elements that allow it to move, descend and rise.

After analyzing the environment, insecting robots will be introduced on the surface, which will be asked and the delivery of materials for construction. Most of the buildings will consist of local minerals. After completing the printing of one structure, the module moves to the following. Provided a separate residential complex, warehouse and laboratory. Each colonist has its own room, and the rooms will be equipped with the necessary elements, such as windows, tables, shelves, equipment and even a garden with hydroponic.

Futuristic projects are represented not only for Martian colonies, but also for the Earth. Subsidiary