The Chinese trader accused Okcoin in the assignment 38,748 VC

The Chinese trader appealed to the court with the accusation of Okcoin cryptobiri in refusing to return to him 38,748 VCH, which he did not have time to extract immediately after Hardflow.

In his statement, the plaintiff says that in December last year he wanted to receive means in proportion to his Bitcoin balance at the time of separation, but could not find a special button to enroll the promised coin platform. At first he contacted Okcoin technical support, but there they said that the button was a program that automatically performs the output of the Bitcoin cache on the user’s deposit. However, during this time it was removed, so it can no longer require the BCN.

The trader refers to the announcement of the OKCOIN website, in which the stock exchange promises the issuance of new coins in proportion to the CTS and does not indicate the deadline for receiving or canceling the program. Therefore, it requires a payment platform for $ 25 thousand. However, Okcoin doubts the legality of the claims and possession of the agreed amount of funds on the Hardforka date, pre-referring to the absence of trading activity on account during 2017.

While this case is the investigation, but