The co-founder of the Uber will open cryptobirus without commissions

The co-founder of Uber Oscar Salazar, together with the early investor, the company Filip Eitan intends to launch a unique cryptocurrency trading platform, deprived of commissions.

The future company and the exchange will be called Voyage. Its a distinctive feature will be a smart router that provides the ability to monitor data at least 10 major trading platforms, choosing the best conditions and making a transaction on any of them.

Since on different exchanges at the same time, prices can be very different, such a function will provide traders advantage. An additional bonus will be zero commissions, so the project can be a strong competitor for a cryptocurrency trading platform

However, Voyage is planning to support 15 at the time of launch, among which, according to rumors, will be XRP and STELLAR. At the moment, platform tests are underway, and a full-fledged launch is appointed for October 2018.

A variety of virtual currencies on stock exchanges opens a lot of opportunities for traders, so we considered