The drone car Honda will be able to tack on his free time

In 2019, Honda plans to present the prototype of the unmanned electric vehicle Urban EV with a built-in assistant, which in his free time will be able to earn money independently, providing a taxi service.

Although the company announced the release, but not yet calls the approximate price of the future car. It is known that Honda Urban EV will be a compact urban electric car with a unique design. Externally, it is similar to the model Civic of the first generation, but with many innovative solutions. On the front grille there will be a digital ad board, and the sides are hidden cameras that transmit video to internal screens.

Honda Urban EV will be equipped with an automated HANA self-government system that is capable of learning. The process will begin as soon as she first sees the owner using the inner chamber and sensors. She will find out the main routes, destinations, stops, habits, travel time and so on. The system will be able to determine the level of driving according to your driver’s license. Having received enough data, Hana will know which music to lose depending on the driver’s mood, plan the route based on the calendar and personal schedule and can fully take control over yourself.

Developers plan also to help the owners earn with Urban EV. In his free time, for example, when the driver at work, the system can be allowed to act as an unmanned taxi. In this case, the car will save energy, charge and will arrive at the right time to pick up the owner. This will require adjustments to the legislative base, but this is quite possible and will soon cease to be fantastic.

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