The first signs of the stagnation of the Russian economy were revealed.

In the recent report of the Center for Macroeconomic Analysis and Short-term forecasting, it is said that although the Russian economy comes out of the crisis, but it expects a protracted stagnation. Analysts talk about the instability of investments in the main funds, the crisis of corporate finances, leading to the slowdown in the dynamics of wages and consumer markets, as well as consolidate the trend of the return of competing imports.

Data TSMA.

Although Rosstat’s data show an increase in industrial production, but analysts indicate the deterioration in the assessment of the current situation by the managers of the companies themselves, the PMI index fell to 48.1% in June 2018. Such a dynamic may determine the protracted stagnation of the release, although before analysts considered these problems temporary.

The authors include stabilization of demand for jobs that have come after prolonged growth. A similar situation is observed in the investment sphere. In addition, the increase in the level of remuneration led to increasing the salary in the budget sector, and in the private and shadow sectors the situation has changed little. This affects the consumption of the population, where there is a weak expansion and occasional standing. The impact of the credit lever increases, and the market itself is balanced on the edge of the crisis level.

Many developed countries are now experiencing a decline in economics due to trade wars, however