The future of Roscosmos will be built on the Internet of things

Ilon Mask, along with his decisions in the construction and launch of spacecraft, a light movement of the hand managed to cross the many years of Russia’s history as a global cosmic power. Roscosmos decided to intensify all the forces.

However, current developments can hardly compete with the West. One of the technologies, which, according to analysts, will be able to be a support for Roskosmos studies, is the Internet of things.

Now there is an active work on creating a powerful project «Sphere». His idea is the maximum coating of the planet with communication channels to create a better network for communicating satellites. The data obtained will be used for a huge number of areas, but the key will be navigating. Total plans to launch in orbit about 640 devices.

With the help of IW, a solid interaction system of all devices used to extract data from their subsequent shipment to the Earth will be created. Additionally, the technology can be the basis for improving performance performance indicators. Communication devices and satellites will be able to solve many urgent questions at the automation level. Additionally, Yves will create conditions for reducing the cost of production, repair and operation of equipment.

In the future, the development will help to return the escape status of the cosmic superpower, showing the west of the consistency of domestic technologies.

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