The general director of the Vietnamese mining company fled from $ 35 million

The Director General of the Vietnamese Mining Sky Mining has disappeared with investor funds worth $ 35 million.

At first, about 20 investors appealed to the local police with a complaint about the stealing 600 miners, which they came to pick up. They were also embarrassed by the fact that the company’s central office was closed. After the general director did not come into contact during the week, they suspected him in the steal. Other leaders of Sky Mining argues that they are not involved in it and themselves became victims.

The service of cloud mining recommended to invest from $ 100 to $ 5,000 in mining capacity with the ability to pick them up. However, despite the loss, on the official website, it is still indicated that 1000 ASIC works around the clock and it is proposed to rent them for passive income. For all the time of the proceedings, the general director of Le Min there published a 44-second video in the telegrams, in which he said that he did not run, but is on treatment and will reimburse lost funds as soon as he arrives.

So far, the investigation is being investigated