The Japanese created a robotic hand controlled by the human brain

Engineers from the Institute of Advanced Telecommunication Research Kyoto conducted a demonstration of a robotic hand, whose movement a person controlled with his brain.

In addition to directly control, the limb can be used under multitasking conditions. During testing, 8 out of 15 subjects were able to simultaneously balance the ball on the board with two do it yourself and capture the object robotic, feeding a mental signal.

However, it should be noted that the hand could not perform any movements, but only pre-programmed, so the demonstration is not fantastic. However, this work will help to move significantly towards the control of mechanical prostheses, which now react only to muscle signals, not the brain.

Scientists plan first to use technology in production, tracing people to fully own additional robotic limbs. In their opinion, this will help improve the work of the brain, but also significantly increase labor productivity in some areas.