The MasterCard director began to diagnose cryptocurrency.

Another shooting in the back cryptocurrenation was the statement of the General Director of MasterCard Ajai Banga, who shared his opinion regarding their real opportunities.

According to the head of the organization, the true importance of cryptocurrency is significantly exaggerated, despite the fact that they demonstrated a new level of transaction processing possibilities from the point of view of speed and safety of operations. Banga noted: «I believe that cryptocurrencies are garbage. The idea of anonymous cryptocurrency was invented by people who want her Maine. Supplemented by extremely high volatility of a financial instrument, as for me, it is not an effective solution for the field of exchange operations. «

It is worth noting that such statements in the conditions of MasterCard attempts to apply blockchawing technologies sound quite hypocritical. According to representatives of the company, today they are interested only in the possibility of improving the work of an actual system through the study of advanced technologies, and the transition to full-scale work with cryptocurrencies is not possible under current conditions. An additional argument testifies to MasterCard against digital money has become an increase in the number of incidents associated with money laundering.

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