The new virus changes the address of the wallets to steal the VTS

Fortinet has revealed a new virus that replaces the saved bitcoin-wallet addresses, redirecting funds to accounts belonging to an attacker.

Fortinet say that a new malware is created on the basis of the famous Jigsaw Virus, the source of which is in free access. The modified virus changes the contents of the Bitcoin-Wallet Buffer Buffer, replacing the saved present address on the fake. Because of what the user actually independently lists the funds to the Hacker accounts.

The inventiveness of the transformed JigSAW does not end. Fake addresses have similar or identical characters at the beginning and end of the line so as not to cause doubts from the user.

The activity of the program itself is difficult to identify, but some antiviruses fix it with the basis of Jigsaw and block in a timely manner. However, according to Fortinet, the virus works quite efficiently and during its existence Hacker has already stole 8.4 VTS. You can modify the code anyone who knows C # code and the company has already recorded advertising such proposals on underground forums.

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