The secret Bermuda triangle was waves

Scientists believe that they solved the mystery of the Bermuda triangle, and this is not UFOs and not sea monsters. This is another kind of monster — gigantic waves. Bermuda triangle, also known as the deeline triangle, is a region in the North Atlantic, which is bordered by Miami, Bermuda Islands and Puerto Rico.

The zone is known for the fact that a huge number of aircraft and ships disappeared in it under mysterious circumstances. Scientists believe that the conditions in this area were suitable for the formation of giant waves. «There is a possibility that storms in the south and north of the region can form a single front,» said Southampton University Oceanographer Simon Boxoll. — In the case of their addition, the storm movements from the florida of the flow may well independently form the so-called killer waves. «

According to Boxoll, these waves can reach 100 feet (30.48 m) in height. A similar indicator stops at one level with the largest ever recorded wave. According to the Smithsonian Institute, this is a 100-foot tsunami caused by an earthquake and a landslide in the Bay of Lita-Lita in Alaska in 1958.

Using their developments and artificially recreated model of the Bermuda triangle, scientists found that USS Cyclops (a ship that disappeared in the Bermuda triangle in 1918 with 306 people on board) was indeed overturned by the wave, as a result of which sank. Earlier in previous reports, the researchers found out that this type of vessel was unstable to possible wave fluctuations and could easily overturn on the condition that the waves achieve the corresponding indicators. Scientists believe that the incorrect design of the day of the vessel becomes the incorrect design. Further, two disappearance of twin ships Cyclops, Proteus and Nereus, confirmed concerns (the vessel disappeared for similar circumstances). Other disappeared ships could also become victims of giant waves.

However, the question of the disappearances of the aircraft remains open: whether waves are truly 30 meters high can be dangerous for them.

While one scientists are fighting over the raysters of the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle, others