The United Kingdom initiated a contest.

The Institute of Economics of the United Kingdom launched the second round of the Richard Koch award, which Jacob Ris-Mogh will be headed. The first prize of £ 50 thousand will be awarded to the best and most bold suggestion for the exit from the current negative situation in the housing market in the UK.

Competitors will be invited to create a social initiative that can afford: increase the number of houses built in such a way as to significantly reduce the lack of housing in the country, increase the number and share of property owners in the UK, real estate must be accessible.

The nomination of proposals is possible from individuals, groups of persons, scientific circles, non-commercial organizations and all corporate bodies. Also, as part of the selection of the winners, a special prize was established for students and schoolchildren.

The prize fund consists of £ 61,500: £ 50,000 — the main prize for the victory, 3 × £ 2500 — student prizes and one special schoolchild prize. Richard Koch, a premium patron, is a British author, speaker, investor, entrepreneur, as well as a former management consultant. He wrote more than twenty books about business and ideas, including the 80/20 principle, how to apply the Pareto principle in management and life.

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