The United States will cease to finance the ISS.

18 years old International Space Station was the center of scientific cooperation. Provided the constant presence of a person and the implementation of thousands of scientific experiments in space. But a laboratory worth $ 100 billion dollars could not live forever, and here the discusses of President Donald Trump, according to which he calls to withdraw federal financing by 2025.

The idea of stopping the investment from the United States will help to save $ 3 billion annually. Today, work is carried out in partnership with Russia, Europe, Canada and Japan. The main issue, in the case of the implementation of plans, is the following: who will become the successor of the already created heritage, and who can take on management. Administration Trump relies on a private enterprise.

The estimated scenario will be sent to work on the lunar orbital platform, as well as on the return of American astronauts on the Moon in 2020. The use of funds as the basis for the financing of expeditions to Mars next decade is also considered.

The NASA administrator Jim Bryidestin noted the following: «I believe that the work may well manage a commercial consortium. If we can make this transition, then the money we currently spend on the ISS can go into the truly right track and bring us to the surface of the moon. «

Trump also requested $ 150 million from Congress to promote new commercial development in space. This plan has many opponents who do not see the prospects to make an near-earth orbit commercially viable by 2025.

One of these skeptics is the general inspector of NASA Paul Martin: «We are wondering if there is a fairly effective plan, in which private companies will be able to develop self-sufficient and profitable business, regardless of federal financing over the next six years.»

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