The United States will continue to economic isolation of Iran

The first package of American sanctions against Iran, which were drawn up in accordance with the Regulations on Nuclear Agreement, entered into force at the beginning of Tuesday in accordance with the Executive Regulation, signed by President Donald Trump.

The main goal is to monitor financial transactions, which include US dollars, Iran’s automotive sector, formation of commercial agreements on the purchase of aircraft and metals, including gold. US sanctions against the Iranian and Central Bank’s oil sector must be resumed in early November.

Strict economic solutions increase the pressure on the Islamic Republic, despite the statements of deep alarm from the European Allies. Events occur after Trump brought the United States from an international agreement limiting Iran’s nuclear activities.

According to Trmpa, the agreement from 2015 was incorrect, since it contributed to the incitement of the conflict in the Middle East. Iran accused the United States in refusing a nuclear agreement signed by the Obama administration, and in promoting a recent economic crisis.

European allies stated that deeply regret the actions of the United States. Representatives of the White House speak regarding their position as follows: «We urge all countries to take similar steps to make it clear that the Iranian regime is faced with the choice: either change its threatening, destabilizing behavior and integrate into the world economy, or continue the path of economic isolation .

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