Three years of prison for the one who switched to the dark side cryptocurrency

A resident of Arizona, who decided to use the possibilities of cryptocurrency for money laundering, was sentenced to three years in prison. He will hold them, thinking about the deed, in the federal prison.

Prosecutors say that 54-year-old Thomas Mario Kostanzo received a sentence on Monday (41 months in prison), but the time from the moment of his arrest in April 2017 will be deducted from the total sentence. Phoenix judges recognized Kostanzo guilty of five money laundering locations in March 2018. Initiation of the investigation dates back 2014 — It was during this period that Constano first published his advertising on promoting money laundering through cryptocurrency on a popular platform in Darknet.

Kostanzo pre-stipulated the conditions of his work — he was ready to participate in cash up to $ 50,000. In the current two years, he received about $ 165,000 in cash in agents, which, according to the court, traded heroin and cocaine. In order to realize the money laundering, he exchanged them on Bitcoin.

The investigation has drawn through a sufficiently long period of time. The reason was that due to increased anonymity, the cryptocurrency federal agents were not easy to deal. Despite the fact that when receiving and identifying the number of the Bitcoin’s Bitcoin’s wallet transaction, its host can be exposed due to the presence of their values on the blockchain, the creation of a package of evidence turned out to be tightened due to attempts to conceal payments through Bitcoin mixers.

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