Tristan Harris: «Technology Dependence — New Disease of the XXI century»

In 2016, Tristan Harris explained in detail in his scientific work in detail how and why modern technologies capture the mind of people. He traced the ways of becoming the relationships and opportunities to capture attention.

Harris explored the phenomenon of gambling: how exactly the modern manufacturers create the affection of users to their products. After dismissal from Google and the end of scientific activities, Harris launched the Time Well Sport website, which focuses on assisting people in creating healthier technologies.

Inspired by Harris and other supporters of a more thoughtful design of technological products, a small but growing movement of silicone valley, working on behavioral issues, advocates more consideration of ethics and technologies consumption results.

The idea of the movement is to find suitable solutions capable of freeing the mind of people from the inquiry, which today is observed in the field of practical use of technical means. Movement wants to tell users about the true purpose of technical devices and means of influence.

For example, in the event that a person will understand that the red color, which is like to use fast food, is the color of speed and appetite, so that visitors will quickly eate orders and dismissed places, the attitude to the same McDonalds will change significantly. A similar picture is visible in the sphere of influence of the design of technical devices, ways of their work, application and other areas of the economy.

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